The Concept.
Everything in the Universe is a trinity of Matter, an Information(eidolon) and a Measure(MERA in Russian).
A MATTER is TransFORMING according to a MEASURE(MERA).
The MATTER is - a wood, a mettal, a plastic etc.
EIDOLON - a guitar.
MEASURE of a guitar(MERAGUITARS) is - a SOUND, an ERGONOMY, a RELIABILITY, a LOOK. These four criteria forms a conceptual Measure(MERA) of a guitar. MERA incorporates all the component measures, required for transformation of a MATTER. TransFORMING a MATTER according to the matrix of MERA (considering all the partial measures ) one can get an exclusive innovatory instrument that have an unusual awesome characteristics improved a lot grades up. This fact makes a musician to feel delight as much as a listener and also opens a totally new posibilities in Creation and Creativity.
    About the production.
  I strive to choose the materials and to accomplish all the tasks and operations in a only best way that makes a new and restored instruments to provide stability, reliability, ergonomy, stylish look and the main thing - THE SOUND, that usually excels a musician's demands. It is almost impossible to build a cheap-ideal-instrument. That's why a compromise way should be found where it is really possible. I give a lifetime warranty for the high-end quality of my work. warranty on the materials, parts, glues gives a manufacturer of that things. I choose the best from what is on the Earth or the best according to the client's budget. In an every particular case I do my best to discuss all the nuances with the client. Written above is true and concerned to full guitarbuilding processes as much as repairing processes.