"Tara" 8-string - a true ergonomic multiscale multiradius beauty guitar.

Standart specs(mostly visible):
3 piece ironwood - high modulus, high hardness and high density wood.
Deep set in by special joint(horizontal dovetail).
5 degree neck angle to the backside body surface.
Ebony quartersawn masterpiece grade.
Conus profile(multiradius) 12"-21"
Qurter sawn merbau center + quarter sawn low density(low weight) cedar.
~20mm thick masterpiece grate flamed maple, quartersawn.
BENT then figured at left lower horn for the right hand comfort.
The ridge on the big horn serves as a prop for the thumb when playing tapping style.
27 stainless steel frets Jescar 1.5μμ x 2.8μμ
(C)FretNut as zero fret.
(C) S.L.A.(Suspension Lever Anchor) 2 way anchor system: works 2 ways, increases e-modulus and rigidity of the neck, removes dead spots.
(C)Submarine 2 headless modular tuners, stainless steel bodies modification.
(Also as standart basemounts and saddles are always stainless steel, plunger is of special very hard stainless steel, knobs are lowest friction bronze as well as buchings.)
(C)Grip8V1 headpiece of AL7075T6
Knobs are also made by me and they are usually AL2024 or AL7075T6, chrome plated in this case.
Also the switch knob.
2 Lace Alumitone Humbs 8 string wide.
original schematic providing 5 positions:
neck full humb, neck coil tap, one coil from each pickup together, bridge coil tap, bridge humb.
All shileded by 0.15mm thick copper foil.
The additional each pickup wire shield has been made.
The switch is double-wafer 4 pole 5 way super switch which allows a lot of wiring options.
Scale and strings' spread:
The scale is 650mm-685mm calculated for the available on the market 8 string gauges(ErnieBall, Dadario) in standart tuning to balance the strings' tensions relatively to the center of the neck.
-10.5mm inbetween the adjacent strings boundaries(not centers) on the bridge line (from the 1st string's saddle breakpoint to the 8th string, purpendiculary to the centerline of the guitar);
- 6.7mm on the zero fret line;
- 3mm from each fretboard side to the side string.
These are the values that provide very comfortable and consostent feelings when fingering the fretboard and right hand playing.
Neck dimensions:
-the neck width resulted in 60mm at the 0 fret, and 80mm highest fret neck end;
-22mm thickness, uniform along all the length.
It is may look excessive values but remember the guitar's sitting position and hands position the plating is higly comfortable.
Neck profile:
radiused bass and treble sides + flat center area.
The action:
On the 27 fret is 1-1.2mm for 1-4 strings, ~1.4-1.5mm for 5-6 strings, 1.7mm for 7-8 strings.
In short words - very low. Other frets are even less.
I've made more than 100 neck tunings, changing the frets while implementing multiradius to a fretboards on many different guitars, providing a a crazy low actions. The same is true for all of my guitars. Finish:
~15 thin layers of 3 types of finest durable crystal clear lacquers with UV filters, highest gloss polishing.
Natural abalone fretboard markers from New Zeland, pointing to 3, 7, 12, 15, 19, 24, 27 frets.

Weight is about 3kg.

Advanced description PDF here.