"B.B.S. 6105" - Brass Bridge Symetric by 6 strings with 10.5mm inbetween the edges of the adjacent strings

Machined from a solid brass plate. There are 2 string mounting options: ) togather with additional tailpiece at the backside of a guitar body and strings through body b) without additional tailpiece. Using ) option allows to quick change the broken at the headstock string gripping it's ball-end in the "fork" of the main bridge plate. Pulling out the string from the body and gripping it on the bridge plate there is an additional string length whcih compensates the brakeoff. The bridge is mounted by 4 screws to the guitar body. There is only intonation adjustment. The height adjustment is set once and foreve by slotting the saddles for the particular guitar and defined string gauge.
But also could be made with height adjustment freely on the custom order.