- lightweight string gripping headpiece CNC machined of 7075T6 alluminum alloy provides decrease of neck-tip weight improving the the overall guitar weight ballance;
- single piece grip for each string ball-end or common headpiece device for 6-8 stringed guitars;
- 6-8 string variations for multiscale guitars(fanned frets) in form of parallelogram and also for single scale guitars.

The 6-8string-block headpieces are available in 75, 80, 85, 90degree versions.
These are of a top design versions headpieces.
The headpiece as itself could be implemented in many ways, even up to your dimensions or design.
In general - the simpler a design the cheaper a part.
There are also individual locking headpieces which should be made soon.

- common for 4..9 strings grip or lock - $40-$75(depends on design),
- modular grip - $10,
- modular lock "DROPLET" or "OVALLOCK"- $15.

Checkout soon for more info!