In a year 2006 I've got the necessity and the idea to create the mechanism, which would allow me to launch the strings though the body of the guitar, refusing the conventional headstock and the tuners while providing the micro-tuining and the stability in time.
Thus the idea of a STRING THROUG THE PLUNGER IN THE KNOB was born and implemented in the working mechanism which was made of the solid brass piece.
It is should be routed in the wood at the backside of the guitar body. The strings are launched from the backside of the body like in a usual Tele or Strat or others. Thanks to the plunger which moves back and forth in the knob( rotating the knob) using the small step threading the user is provided with the micro tuning and have no need in to buy the tuners any more. The only need in the lock near the nut.
The very important thing is: there is no necessity of double-ball-end strings!