"Submarine" - single tuner-o-bridge with locking headpiece.
Discontinued due to "SUBMARINE III" improved generation.

This tuner is developed by Dmitry Yeremeyev using the same string-through-plunger main idea, which was implemented in the "STEALTH" tuner already by early 2006 year.
The device is intended to eliminate the headstock of the neck, for fine tuning, also improving tone colour and sustain due to design and materials.
Especially highly reasonable for multiscale guitars.
Also the huge meaning is the using of the conventional 1 ball-end strings available allover the world.
Mounted to the top of the guitar body inside special routings or onto the flat surface. High precision CNC machining are used, polishing by hands and fine coating. The design of this tuner and tuning process is thoroughly reasoned out and the mraks and grades of the metals are specially choosed. The tuning ratio is near 40:1. There is height the adjustment with saddle fixation, intonation adjustment with main body fixation.
Available 2 tuner body lengths: long 79mm, short 69mm. Single base mounting part or common 6-8 string base. Proprietary string locking headpiece is provided, or can be made different to the custom order. Actually, any other locking headpiece or locknut can be used.