Discontinued due to "SUBMARINE III" improved generation.

The tuner:
-string fixation on each tuner made of very high hardness polished stainless steel.
After the string is fixed by the special hardened steel set screw the end of the string is deformed in a half meandr-like shape. This increases the contact surface while providing a robust string-end grip inside the plunger. It has been tested very well so multiple attempts specially aimed to brake the string by a huge loads during wild string bends did not succeed: there were no even string's slip off, THERE WERE NO EVEN A PITCH-OFF!
- standart conventional 1 ball-end string using;
- the maximal string diameter is 3mm (for more than 6 stringed guitars, baritones).
- yet more increased tuning ratio due to tuner design;
- unbelievable rotational smoothness and easiness of tuning knob only by fingers tips is due to the design of the tuner and using of the special materials turns the guitar tuning from a nightmare to a pleasant time spending. I swear you will eager want to just turn these knobs to feel it again and again even not playing your guitar! (As I do :) )
- increased stainless steel saddle with mirror-like polished string slot;
- simple, reliable and handy string height adjustment;
- reliable saddle fixation by hardened steel M3 set screw;
- and of course an intonation adjustment and fixing the position of the main body by robust button head hex slot screw.

The mounting base part:
- single mounting base part or common for 6-8 strings;
- 6-8 stringed base part parallelogram shaped for multiscale guitars with 21" radius also rectangular shape for singlescale provides simple mounting of all the device to the guitar body;
- symmetrical position of the tuners' main bodies provides the equal string-to-string distance BETWEEN THE EDGES OF THE STRINGS not the centers, because the strings has different diameters and YOUR PICK WORKS ON THE EDGE OF THE STRING NOT ON THE CENTER. (the edge of the strind means the point on it's diameter). Calculated for usual guitar strings' gauges 10-46, 10-74 selling allaround the world;
- for unusual gauges the single mounting base parts are intended.

Also hex keys and screw are included in a pack.

A few testimonials following:
"Hi Dmitry! I just got the package last week, and wow, i'm seriously impressed at these things. I've been showing them to all my gearhead friends and they too have also been impressed. I'll be posting a small review of them soon on a thread in www.sevenstring.org/forum/luthiery-modifications-customizations/
- Logan Kay, USA
"As you know your bridge arrived. The quality is so far superior to Hipshot. Makes their product look likes child's toy. Nice mass to it and the tuners are super smooth."
- Stephen Roberts, Canada.

"Hi, Dmitry! This is Naiki. Thank you very much. These are sssoooo beautiful! I'm so satisfied by these! and I'll want to utilize your marvelous equipments next time too. I start to build my headless monster from now :) SO THANK YOU, Dmitry!"
- Akifumi Naiki, Japan

"Your work looks interesting and well thought out."
- Brett Faust, owner/luthier at Brett Faust Guitars.

"Congratulations to Dmitry, these look amazing!"
- Ola Strandberg, Sweden