New features in the 3rd generation(while keeping all the good of the previous):
- new height adjustment saddle design, very easy and intuitive, of course keeping saddle locking;
- rounded bottom string slot in the saddle;
- new precision intonation adjustment mechanism (MOD2 option) allows to precise moving the tuner body by special screw under the each tuner for the most perfectionists guys;
- new tuner body for MOD2;
- yet more increased leverage knob-to-shaft for the uncomparable easiness of rotating the knob while smooth tensioning and tuning the string;
- a lot shortened tuner body and knob vs previous generation allows for the more compact space while shortening string's length which lowers the overtension and thus allows yet easier knob rotation during tuning process;
- shortened modular bases as well as common-plate;
- 10.2mm string spread option ready baseplates added to 10.5mm option;
- stainless steel as well as alluminum alloy ooptions for bodies and bases;

Same color gamma as in previous generation. All the hex keys and screws included and some spare parts added traditionally.

Mod 1) - manual intonation adjustment(moving the tuner body by fingers to the required place);
Mod 2) - precision intonation adjustment(moving the tuner body by rotating special screw under each tuner);

Modular or common-plate mounting bases:
6 tuners - 71*, 75*, 77*, 90* slanted anlge;
7 tuners - 66* 75*, 90*;
8 tuners - 66*, 67*;

Mod 1): Mod 2):
1..4pcs $46 each 1..4pcs $48 each
5pcs $43 5pcs $45
from 6pcs $38 from 6pcs $40

The price is not increasing undependently of color/coating/plating nor of mounting base modificaion.
The shipping is usually made by registered airmail small packets. Images and tracking number are provided on shipping.