Instruments Equipment
  I provide the repairs service of any complexity level for a guitars, amps, pedals and other miscellanelous electronic musical equipment as much as non musical electronics. Frequently, the guitar's repairs are accompanied with various kinds of tuning even right up to correcting whole guitar's contour or individual elements. Various modding could be done with electronic equipment. The tuning is accomplished means not only to make visual esthetic improve, but, as a rule, in most cases is constructional functional ugrade for the purpose of maximal sound and ergonomic improve. It is almost always possible to change everything for better. There are no limits for perfection.
Here one can estimate the high-end level of quality and craftsmanship of many tuning/repairs operations done.
In the reviews sad face ":(" means BEFORE REPAIRS/TUNINGS, smile face ":)" - AFTER. Without any smiles means the repairs result(after).