Twang      100 €

Twangs like hell!
Neck, middle, bridge.
'60s Vintage      100 €

The classic sound of this vintagestyle guitar pickup is clean and punchy with transparent highs.
Neck, middle, bridge.
'50s Formvar      100 €

This is the same wire that a big company used the golden years 1954-1964.
Neck, middle, bridge.
Blues      100 €

A single coil pickup based on the '60s vintage, with a slightly higher output and a fatter blues sound.
Neck, middle, bridge
Hot Bridge      100 €

A pickup designed primarily for the bridge position since many players find the standard sound is too thin and edgy.
Twang set of 3

240 Euro
'60s Vintage set of 3

240 Euro
'60s Vintage set neck&mid +Hot Bridge

240 Euro
'50s Formvar set of 3

240 Euro
Vintage 6.4K      100 €

Much of the sound characteristics of the Telecaster bridge pickup come from the steel plate under the bobbin which functions as a metal reflector.
Vertigo '52      100 €

This is our most popular teleneckpickup today.The Telecaster Vertigo Neck is used by some of the greatest rock artists. Matching neck pickup with Vertigo Bridge among others. A bridge pickup is based on a pickup from 1952. I have copied a real 1952 Telecaster.
Vintage 7.3K      100 €

This is my own tele favorite right now. A model based on the Telecaster Vintage Bridge 6,4 K Ohm model (above) with more windings of copper wire. The sound characteristics are less treble with more output.
Broadcaster      100 €

Thinner copper wire allows more windings - higher output.
Tele Hot      100 €

A pickup wound with a the same thinner copper wire as the Broadcaster model. This model have 20% more turns of copperwire than our Broadcaster model.
Tele-90      100 €

The model differs considerably from normal Telecaster pickups with metal poles and the magnets are placed under the pickup coil and more windings on the coil gives it a very powerful sound – it is a real rocker. A pickup created for every pro that would like a P-90 sound from their Telecaster.
Tele Vintage      100 €

The Telecaster Vintage Neck is used by some of the greatest rock artists. This small sound scoundrel has Alnico 5-magnets bobbins made from fibreplate and all wound with a thinner AWG 43 copper wire.
P-90 Vintage AlNiCo5      110 €

A pickup design and construction with unique sound characteristics with distinct low end and sweet fat highs. The neck partner has slightly less windings to compensate for the increased string vibration in the neck position. The pickup's polarity is reversed – a feature in all of our P-90 models.
P-90 Smooth AlNiCco2      110 €

Smoother tone than Vintage.
Revolver      160 €

Revolver is a P-90 singlecoil in a PAF-humbucker size.
Smooth Operator      140 €

Smooth Operator is a humbucker with a true vintagecharacter. This pickup has medium output, the treble is warmer compared with the standard vintage model. The midrange is full and literally dripping of tone ready to jump into your amp.
Heaven 57®      160 €

Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. We have built this pickup with all the right features. We had some good P.A.F.s from late 50s to compare with. Wound with Plain enamelwire.
Vintage      160 €

A humbucking pickup with an Alnico 5 magnet, especially wound for a strong and powerful sound with a singing sustain. This pickup has good treble response. Suitable for everything from clean sounds to screaming distortion.
Suckerbucker      160 €

Looking for power, high output and tone? You've come to the right place. A humbucker designed for the bridge position and the notes is virtually sucked from the strings. Excellent for sustain and high-powered lead playing.
M6      160 €

On your demand we have made a model M 6 for sixstringed guitar. It is enough strings for the most of us. This pickup is perfect for harder music, for example Metal. It is optimized both for power and clarity. The clarity is very important if you are going to play in lower tunings.
M7      195 €

This pickup is out of this world. The design is a combination of winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake.
M8      195 €

This pickup is the 8 stringed version of Model M.If you are playing with a much distorted amp, this pickup still deliver a well defined tone.
Jazzbass Vintage      100 €

The classic warm bass sound. A pickup wound for tone and authority where each string is powered by two Alnico magnets. The magnets are hand-beveled and treated for the best sound possible.
Jazzbass Hot      100 €

A pickup with more output and low end when compared to the Vintage model. Black cover included.
P-bass Vintage      120 €

A pickup with a thicker sound than the Jazz. The Precision bass vintage has two coils used in series (like a humbucker). This effectively stops any hum.
P-bass Hot      120 €

A pickup with more output and low end than the Vintage model above. Black cover included.
P-bass Pre '57      120 €

Singlecoil for P-bass Pre-1957. Looks like a Telecasterpickup. Alnico 5 magnets, Plain Enamelwire, vulcanized fibreplate and cloth wire. Upgrade your reissue with a top notch pickup.